December 2016 State Tournament

THANK YOU for donating supplies, food, and your time to helping run the concession stand and the table at the December 2016 State Tournament. We appreciate your time and effort and the concession fundraiser was a huge success!

CONGRATULATIONS to our judoka who competed in the tournament. Keep working hard in practice!


  • Diamond Kekahuna
  • Adriana Daoang
  • Emi Matsumoto
  • Maya DeAngelo
  • Angelina Daoang
  • Tiffany Marn
  • Dylan Dezsy
  • Dylan Buelow
  • Brayden Lau
  • Hayden Kaichi
  • Marquez Mellor
  • Tyger Taam
  • Joshua Frias
  • Brayden Kamimura
  • Calvin Hisatake


  • Charlotte Campbell
  • Evelyn Suzuki
  • Skyla Philpot-Fernandez
  • Emily Paulino
  • Jessica Dixon
  • Kai Itoman
  • Kalei Ichimura
  • Angel Lee
  • Ronson Murillo
  • Kota Hase
  • Cohl Otsuka-Bence
  • Bailey Philpot-Fernandez


  • Marley Chung
  • Phoenix Lee
  • Slayter Kamimura
  • Koi Mow
  • Ethan Eto
  • Cole Fukuda
  • Draezyn Tanaka
  • Kyler Ching
  • Braeden Fukuda
  • Isaiah Santos-Young
  • Bronson Morioka
  • Robert Frias

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