Jessica in Japan

December 21, 2016 - January 1, 2017

Jessica Dixon traveled to Japan with her brother, Timothy, and father, Todd over the Christmas break to compete in a couple of tournaments there.

Jessica joined a USJF Judo team in Fukuoka, Japan to compete in the Sanix International Youth Team Tournament. Jessica was able to win her match at the team tournament, however unfortunately her team members were not able to get a win and thus, they were out of the tournament. The Sanix Tournament also had a training camp component and Jessica had the opportunity to train with the Japan Cadet Judo Team.

Jessica (far right) with her USJF Team members
The Sanix Youth International Team Tournament

The Dixon family then ventured over to Nagoya, Japan where Jessica played in some open practice matches (no weight classes) and a tournament at Taisei Middle School by weight class. Jessica did well in the practice matches and went 2-1 at the Taisei Middle School Tournament.

Jessica at the Taisei Middle School Tournament

The Dixon family spent the New Year’s holiday in Nagoya before heading home. We are very proud of Jessica and hope that she ate some good food in Japan!

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