2017 HHSAA Judo State Championships

TOP ROW: Chase, Kiarra Y., Kailer, Mikayla, CJ, Mahea, Keiko, Sarah, Noelle, Landon          MIDDLE ROW: Amanda, Kyara T., Czarina, Phoebe, Nicolas, Noah                                      FRONT ROW: Faith Joy, Zion

18 of our judoka competed in the Hawaii High School Athletic Association Judo State Championships on Saturday, May 7, 2017. Congratulations to all our competitors!

Sarah Obra-Nakata: 5th place, 98 lbs, Punahou

Maia Fernandez: 6th place, 103 lbs, Pearl City

Yuting He: 1st place, 109 lbs, Roosevelt

Czarina Pineda-Abaya: 1st place, 115 lbs, Kalani

Keiko Sanders: 115 lbs, Hawaii Baptist Academy

Kyara Tagami: 115 lbs, Kalani

Mikayla Abe: 2nd place, 122 lbs, Pearl City

Phoebe Pineda-Abaya: 3rd place, 122 lbs, Kalani

CJ Pascual-Tabuyo: 1st place, 129 lbs, Mid Pacific

Kiarra Young: 129 lbs, Punahou

Faith Joy Okubo: 3rd place, 129 lbs, Moanalua

Noelle Nakaoka: 2nd place, 139 lbs, Punahou

Mahea Lewis: 2nd place, 154 lbs, Kamehameha Kapalama

Noah Wusstig: 1st place, 132 lbs, Moanalua

Chase Wusstig: 1st place, 145 lbs, Moanalua

Nicolas Nakaoka: 2nd place, 161 lbs, Punahou

Zion Lista: 4th place, 178 lbs, Farrington

Kailer Okura: 1st place, 198 lbs, Kalani

Noah Wusstig, Taylor Castro, and Chase Wusstig
Czarina Pineda-Abaya (1st place, 115 lbs)
Mikayla Abe (2nd place, 122 lbs) and Phoebe Pineda-Abaya (3rd place, 122 lbs)
CJ Pascual-Tabuyo (1st place, 129 lbs) and Faith Joy Okubo (3rd place, 129 lbs)
Mahea Lewis (2nd place, 154 lbs)
Kailer Okura (1st place, 198 lbs)

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