2017 Jr. Olympics Results

Spokane, Washington
June 16-18, 2017

Sensei Greg and Sensei Robin took a group of 11 Hawaii Tenri judoka to the Jr. Olympics tournament in Spokane, Washington.


Maya DeAngelo took a silver in the Intermediate 1 38 kg regular division and a gold (uncontested) in the Intermediate 1 38 kg novice division.

Maya DeAngelo with her gold and silver medals.

Draezyn Tanaka took a bronze in the Intermediate 1 26kg division.

Draezyn Tanaka, 3rd place, on the podium.
Zhyra and Draezyn Tanaka

Josh Frias, Kade Okura, and Brayden Morioka all took 4th in their respective divisions.

Bobby Frias (3-2), Bronson Morioka (2-2), Kekoa Young (1-2), Kainoa Young (1-2), Micah Dunn (1-2) and Eli Suan (2-2) competed in the tournament as well.

Bronson and Brayden Morioka
Kekoa Young, Brayden Morioka, Bobby Frias, Bronson Morioka, Draezyn Tanaka, Kade Okura, and Maya DeAngelo
Kade Okura, Bronson Morioka, Josh Frias, Bobby Frias, Kainoa Young, Brayden Morioka, and Kekoa Young
Maya DeAngelo, Kade Okura, Kekoa Young, Bobby Frias, Josh Frias, Bronson Morioka, Brayden Morioka, and Kainoa Young
At the Spokane River Park near the convention center
Eating at Red Robin after weigh-ins!

Draezyn Tanaka, Eli Suan, Zhyra Tanaka, Taylor Ibera, and Kyla Suan


Eli Suan, Draezyn Tanaka, Kyla Suan, and Zyra Tanaka

Congratulations to all of our competitors!

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